New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand is considered the most beautiful countries in the world, finding itself on the “must visit” list of most travelers. New Zealand is known for its natural beauty, offering a wide array of sightseeing options as well. Depending on the applicant need, one can apply for a New Zealand Visa. New Zealand provides a number of opportunities to individuals, regards to travel, work, study, investment or settling there.

New Zealand offers a list of visas to applicants those who are interested in migrating.

Tourist/Visitor Visa – Tourist Visa allows the applicant to visit the country for a specific period of time, with the purpose of the visit being sightseeing, visiting family, and friends, or recreation. The applicant can stay maximum of 9 months on this visa, and it does not allow you to work there.

Sports/Artist Visa – This visa comes under the category of a tourist visa, individuals who visit the country for sports/artistic events. This visa allows the applicant to perform in the country for a specific time period, during which they are entitled to earn as well.

Student/Study Visa – Student Visa is for the international students who wish to pursue their higher education in New Zealand. Depending on the applicant he can choose for either a short-term or a long-term course. This visa is subject to them getting admission to a particular university and also enables them to work in certain cases.

Work Visa – Work visa is for the skilled and professional people who wish to pursue a career in the country. Applicant must be skilled and have experienced to meet certain requirements to get it.

Investor Visa – Investor Visa is for the applicants those who have business skills and want to invest in New Zealand It provides starting a business as an opportunity to set up a business in New Zealand, helping both the individual and country develop together.

Partner/Child Visa – This is designed for the children and/or partner of a New Zealand citizen. It can be utilized by individuals who need to be in the country to support their partner and varies from a case to case basis.


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