Germany Immigration

Germany is a modern, cosmopolitan country. The German economy is conservative and as well dynamic. It is conservative in the sense that it draws on the part of the German tradition that envisages some state role in the economy and a cautious attitude toward investment and risk-taking. If you are thinking to migrate to Germany, there are strict requirements to get a job seeker visa, such as minimum experience in the fields of science, engineering, mathematics, technical education and minimum years of relevant work experience.

Different Long-term Stay  Germany Visas are

  • Visa for long-term employment
    The long stay employment visa is mostly for the skilled workers who have the capability and ability to contribute to the economy of Germany and permits every year, many skilled applicants from across the world come to work and live permanently in Germany.
  • Visa for a family reunion
    Family members of German residents that live outside the European Union countries can apply for this visa in order to join their family members in Germany. The German resident you are going to join must have a residence permit, enough room for you and sufficient and secured finances.
  • Visa for job seekers
    The applicant can apply for a long-term stay for up to six months if he has not found a job in Germany. In order to get such visa, the applicant must have a higher education diploma recognized in Germany and also the means of support to oneself during that period of stay.Want to Apply for a German Long Stay Visa?Get your evaluation for free and talk to our Germany immigration experts today.!For your FREE assessment for Germany fill the form   

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